Tackling hate crime and hate speech project helps identifying hate crimes in partner countries by creating two online tools for reporting hate crimes in Hungary and Slovakia. Shared good practices and know-how come from project partner countries – CZ, MT, LT, PL – and experts from all around Europe. Comparative report on legal status of hate crimes in partner countries, as well as a Joint paper on good practices with various reporting mechanisms are elaborated as project outputs. 20 professionals will be trained in scope of the project to help victims of hate crimes.

Specific project objectives:

  1. to share good practices, encourage cooperation and set a joint platform within the partner countries on overcoming under-reporting of hate crimes and hate speech;
  2. to develop and establish adequate reporting mechanisms for hate crimes and hate speech in partner countries missing one – namely in Slovakia and Hungary, and give space to improve the existing ones in the Czech Republic, Malta, Lithuania, and Poland;
  3. to improve access to professional legal assistance for victims of hate crimes and hate speech within partner countries through mutual learning, cooperation and joint platform.